In a residential house in St. Petersburg caught the Python hiding in the couch

В жилом доме Санкт-Петербурга поймали питона, прятавшегося в диване

In Saint-Petersburg residents of the home on Vanguard street called rescuers to find the apartment live Python, reports TASS. Reptile was hiding in the sofa between the seat and the armrest.

“In the apartment there arrived the staff of the rescue services, where he was discovered like a Python snake with a length of about 60 cm Snake was caught,” – said the representative of the local emergency management.

The owners of the reptile hound of the Python for inspection gave the vets. Caused the rescuers, the tenants are unable to answer where the snake appeared in a residential building.

Earlier it was reported that pythons longer than four meters propose to include in the list of prohibited animals.