In Afghanistan during clashes with Taliban killed 16 policemen

В Афганистане при столкновениях с талибами погибли 16 полицейских

On the night of 22 October in the Northern Afghan province of Kunduz, the militants of movement “Taliban” attacked the checkpoints of the police.

Reports, citing local media.

Night fighters-the Taliban attacked a checkpoint. Fierce fighting took place in the Northern Afghan province of Kunduz. A few hours after the attack in place of the reinforcements arrived, which forced the Taliban to retreat. However, law enforcement authorities managed to experience significant losses. According to local authorities, during the fighting killed at least 16 police, including the commander of one of the control points. In addition, another two policemen were injured.

“Nine of my colleagues was killed, another was wounded, – told reporters the police officer who survived the attack. Within hours I was fighting with the Taliban alone, but reinforcements have arrived approximately at half past three “.

Now the Taliban support the activity in many Northern provinces of Afghanistan, however, in their territory continuing operations Stripping.

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