In Africa for the first time in 100 years the picture of unique black leopard

Kenya was photographed rare black leopard, which is not seen in Africa for nearly 100 years.

В Африці вперше за 100 років сфотографували унікального чорного леопарда

British wildlife photographer will Burrard-Lucas had filmed a rare species of cat – leopard, informs Rus.Media.

The animal moved across the plains of Kenya late in the night in the company of another leopard. However, the satellite was normal color, so it can be seen.

Black skin tone with a barely noticeable leopard spots, the result Melanesia. This genetic change is the opposite of albinism leads to the excess melanin in the body, and, consequently, darker skin color.

Burrard-Lucas’s lifelong dream to photograph a black leopard. Learning that they are found in Kenya, went there and installed camera traps. The photographer could not believe his eyes when after some time looking through the footage, they saw an animal.

“I couldn’t believe it, it took me several days to realize that my dream has come true!”, – shares will impressions on your blog.

It is believed that black leopards live in dense forests where the dark coloration helps them to hide. Most often they are found in Asia.

In Africa, the encounter with a black leopard – a rarity. The images is the first in nearly 100 years photos the big cat, which proves that they are in Africa.