In Almaty in honor of children’s Day staged a parade of orchestras



The children’s day in Almaty began with music. In the southern capital of Kazakhstan was held a festive March – parade children’s and youth orchestras and ensembles, according to “WORLD 24”.

Drummers, brass bands, ensembles – each area was represented by the best students, winners of Olympiads and competitions. Come to the parade and the mayor of the city. Just the colorful procession featured five thousand people.

“This is our annual event. Begin training usually for a month, meeting with Directors of schools, colleges, coordinating the program, plug choreographers. And as a result obtained in such a mood, the accumulation of creative children, who rejoice and delight the spectacle of the other” – says the organizer of the parade of bands Nursultan suleev.

Similar parades were held today in all cities of Kazakhstan.