In Almaty region in the summer of rest 30 thousand students

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Elena Andreeva


In children’s recreation camps began the first shift. In Kazakhstan more than seven thousand child health centers. Experts advise to carefully consider the choice of place of stay of the child and to pay attention to the living conditions, quality of food, the presence of security, the presence of a medical professional. One of the camps checked out the correspondent of “MIR 24” Maxim Kozlov.

While some kids get a break from classes, the guys from sports camps extra training. Participants of the Almaty sections – depart for summer camp base in the “Tau-Turan” they organized the Association of martial arts.

The camp is located on the slopes of the – street training in high altitudes increases endurance, trainers speak. The body adapts to low oxygen content in the air. And then in terms of the plain would be more efficient to consume it.
“The clean air here. In the city the same run – is not the same, there is pure air, not even in the morning. When you get up, there could,” said the President of the Association of martial arts “Okinawa” Andrew salagaev.

A strict daily routine: Wake up at 8 in the morning, Jogging, Breakfast, first day of practice. After lunch “quiet time”, then back to the gym. But time remains and on trips and to discos and football matches. But online games are not welcome here.
“Some of the kids in the morning until the evening sit in the phones and computers. There is no such. More reading books”, said salagaev.

This is one of the 28 camps opened in Almaty region. In the region the rest of this year will take around 30 thousand students. Free will is a rest and children from low-income families.

“Until the end of the summer season for free in the camps will visit 4150 children from low-income families. The leadership of the city at their leisure allocated 60 thousand dollars”, – said acting head of the Department of moral-spiritual education and self-knowledge of Department of education of Almaty Nurgul Tau.

In addition to country work in Almaty 48 school camps. The children are in them for half a day.

In Kazakhstan there are hotline. Her with questions and complaints about the children’s health centers can address the parents. Telephone to Nur-Sultan +77172741864.