In America banned Loperamide! And you better not make

Here’s why…

В Америці забороняють Лоперамід! І вам його краще не приймати

To the antidiarrheal drug loperamide (in the U.S. know it as Imodium) is an opioid that can be very dangerous in overdose, reports Rus.Media.

Management on control over quality of the food and drug administration asked manufacturers of drugs for diarrhoea to reconsider the approach to packaging of tablets.

All because of a massive lethal overdose of the popular drug.

В Америці забороняють Лоперамід! І вам його краще не приймати

According to experts, abuse of loperamide becomes an easy way out for addicts who want a cost-effective way to overcome withdrawal and get a desired euphoria.

Loperamide is available, is inexpensive, fully legal and available without prescription, providing a unique opportunity for abuse. Addicts seeking euphoria or struggling with withdrawal symptoms, taking huge doses of loperamide with unfortunate consequences. In therapeutic doses the drug is harmless, but in high — extremely dangerous.

Loperamide, which belongs to the group of opioids, when taken in large doses causes the same feeling as the infamous morphine and heroin. However, such doses of loperamide can easily lead to arrhythmia and cardiac arrest.

During the two large-scale studies have found that over the past few years loperamide is increasingly becoming a cause of overdoses and deaths. Addicts consume large doses of antidiarrheal medication, get into the ambulance, where they administered naloxone Protocol and carried out resuscitation, although not always successfully.

The maximum daily dose loperamide — 16 mg (8 tablets), but addicts take 200 and even 400 tablets at a time!

Security researcher farmpreparat Dr. David Urlng says:

“Imodium (loperamide) is called the methadone for the poor. In large doses, it acts like methadone or oxycontin. The problem is that the necessary dose is very, very dangerous.

This can lead to heart failure, without any warning. People can spend weeks, months to accept it, and then cardiac arrest”.

Now sale module (loperamide) in Canada and the United States may be limited. At least the doctor Urlng hopes so:

“I think it would be nice if it was impossible to walk into any drug store and for $ 20 to purchase a potentially lethal dose of pills”.

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