in Andorra yes, in Spain no

    in Andorra yes, in Spain no

    Can we cross the border to go shopping for Christmas? Many of you have called France Bleu Occitanie since the start of the week to get an answer.

    For the Principality of Andorra, yes, it is possible. As long as you come home to France before 8 p.m., because of the French curfew. There is freedom of movement during the day in both countries.

    On the other hand for Spain, for the Val d’Aran in particular, on the border with the Haute-Garonne, it’s no ! And we swim in full paradox, because the border is well open, but it is forbidden to cross it!

    There are random checks“explains the mayor of Bossòst, Amador Marqués. Example this Wednesday, December 15, just before the village of Lés, and its supermarket: the Catalan police officers, the Mossos d’Esquadra, have arrested all cars registered in France. No fine (it is however 300 euros) but order to turn around.

    Perimeter containment in certain regions

    Explanation: Catalonia, like Aragon, and other regions of Spain, are today placed in “perimeter containment”. It is forbidden to enter or leave the regions concerned, and this therefore applies to France.

    It’s cacophony

    But we also come up against the Spanish functioning: the central state (Madrid) has jurisdiction over the international border, left open. But behind, each region decides on health measures. For Catalonia (Barcelona) for the moment it is strict. And “it’s cacophony“, judge Amador Marqués.

    There are however exceptions: you can go to Spain for rare professional, medical or family reasons. But not for a carton of cigarettes, a bottle of pastis, or a perfume.

    In any case, for the Val d’Aran, things are bad. Aranese traders live with French customers, mainly from Toulouse or Comminges, especially at Christmas. “For traders, it’s terrible“, judge Amador Marqués.

    The mayor of Bossòst has been asking for weeks for an exception in Barcelona and Madrid for cross-border territories … he is still waiting.

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