In anger, the daughter of an elder implores François Legault

En colère, la fille d’une aînée implore François Legault

For Dolores Morin, this is not the army or dieticians, in which NURSING homes have need, but of caregivers.

Since a week, his mother 96 years of age, who is severely affected by the disease, Alzheimer’s and lives in a seniors ‘ residence in Montreal, no longer receives a visit from her son, the brother of Mrs. Morin.

If visits were prohibited since mid-march in the CHSLD, the brother of Dolores Morin, Dominic, had obtained a waiver for “humanitarian reasons”. This special permission that has been revoked this weekend.

“My brother has not missed a single day in four years. He visited my mother several times a day, took care of her sunrise, sunset, and gave him to eat. Never a woman gave him to eat and drink to my mother. And my brother is in good health,” said Dolores Morin, who has launched a real cry of despair on LCN on Friday morning.

Since the visits are now prohibited to her brother, Ms. Morin is convinced that her mother has nothing ingested for several days and fears that she will die of hunger or dehydration.

“My brother is the only one able to do so. My mother does not drink or do not eat for a week. It is Alzheimer’s advanced, he has a privileged relationship with it,” she insisted.

“We need arms in the CHSLD and there is a cup, those who want to help.”

“I don’t understand”

The latter is concerned about the use of the military. “I don’t understand. Mr. Legault gives authority to a caregiver. The soldiers who are going to enter-there, everything is going to be contaminated, the doctors, the nurses,” says she.

Dolores Morin also shows the finger at the bureaucracy. “There are a million coordinators, and the attendants are jaded in this business-the. I much on the heart. […] Since the COVID, it is widespread.”

“Dieticians will analyze the situation. They need people, volunteers. Stop wanting to send the army and take over the world. Not need the course to give food to the residents!” lance Morin.

“Let go of my brother, me or my daughter, my mother will not die of the COVID”, implores Ms. Morin.

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