In Antarctica set temperature record

В Антарктиде поставили температурный рекорд

Researchers from the United States and the Netherlands reported a new temperature record, recorded in Antarctica.

On the white continent, scientists have discovered frost in -98,6 degrees Celsius, reported in the published materials Geophysical Research Letters.

For the first time temperature record 1983 -89,2 degrees, recorded at the station “Vostok” was broken in 2004, when cold dropped to -93 degrees Celsius.

In the winter of 2018, the temperature at the surface dropped to -98 degrees Celsius, and satellites have recorded even lower temperatures in small cavities in a depth of only 2-3 meters.

The head of the research group Ted Scambos says that the rate at -100 degrees for Earth’s quite real, though hard to perform in the volatile weather in Antarctica. For a 100-graduando frost must match several conditions: minimum humidity, cloudless and clear weather, and so continued for at least a week.

At this moment, the temperature in -98,6 degrees Celsius was the lowest recorded on Earth.

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