In Arys established electricity and water supply

PHOTO : MIR / Maria Androsova


Today ARIS headed the column of buses with inhabitants. June 24, the city has been evacuated after fire and began to explode military ammunition depots. Now the situation is normalized. Specialists have established electricity and water supply. Renewed rail service. With details – the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Alena Zabirova.

From six o’clock in the morning the busses will return evacuees to Arys. On the eve of the authorities assured that the city is cleared.

“We finally get home. Let it never be such explosions. A big thank you to all the people of Kazakhstan for assistance,” says the woman.

“Still we hope for the best. Hope that will do as promised”, – said a resident of the city.

In Arys sappers defused nearly six thousand unexploded shells. The streets became safe. But people still instruct.

“Each will meet. Each memo will be distributed. The memo will indicate what to do if you find an object,” – said the Advisor of the Governor of the Turkestan region Saken Kalamanov.

Police and military are responsible for law and order and suppress cases of morderstwa.

“The grouping of forces and means of internal Affairs at the place of liquidation of consequences of emergency situation is more than 1500 personnel and 188 techniques,” – said the Minister of internal Affairs of Kazakhstan oraz Nordelta.

The city has already begun to recover. Population promise to repair or build a new home. Residential buildings in the city – 7600. All the Windows are broken glass, in 80 percent of cases – damaged roof. In Arys had arrived the builders to repair homes.

All of the city was evacuated more than 45 thousand people. To rebuild a major urban authorities promise within a month.