In Australia, the shark dragged a 34-year-old woman in the water (VIDEO)

В Австралии акула утащила 34-летнюю женщину в воду (ВИДЕО)

Melissa Branning that fed a shark from the side of the boat, the shark grabbed his finger and dragged into the water.

The incident happened in the Bay Duhon is a popular place for adventurers who want to get acquainted with dangerous creatures such as sharks or crocodiles. News reports the Rush Hour, citing foreign media.

Melissa fed with owner rusty shark-nyanka, which is considered one of the most innocuous members of their own species. Despite the fact that the sharks usually attacks only in case of danger, she for some reason grabbed the woman’s finger, and she fell into the water.

As recognized by Branning, at that moment, she was sure that the finger she is no more. Fortunately, the woman escaped with only damage to the bones, ligaments, and small infection.

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