In Azerbaijan found the nervous groom in the world

В Азербайджане нашли самого нервного жениха в мире

Social networking has become a viral video shot, presumably in Azerbaijan with “the most nervous groom in the world.”

Video can be viewed on the social network Facebook.

In the video, the groom dressed in a red dress the bride is trying to cut together the wedding cake that they do not too successfully. Grim newlywed drops the knife, causing laughter among the guests and his bride. This further spoils the mood of the guy who is clearly not in the spirit.

Knife picks up the bridesmaid, and the groom snatches it from her hands. In the end, the piece of cake could be cut. Bridesmaid puts it on a plate. The bridegroom eagerly takes the plate, pokes the spoon in your mouth with dessert the bride and eats one himself. Then he plucks someone from the hands of a bottle of champagne and begins to shake violently. From the bottle the beats of an effervescent drink. One of the guests tries to reason with the groom and he used all the strength smashes the bottle on the floor. The pieces scatter over the floor under the feet of small children.
Users of the network the behavior of the groom was shocked. Many expressed sympathy for the girl, and bewilderment at her choice of spouse.

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