In Bangladesh, ten people died in a fire at the factory

В Бангладеш десять человек погибли при пожаре на фабрике

At least ten people were killed in a fire that occurred on the factory fans in the Central part of Bangladesh, the newspaper Dhakka Tribune.

The fire service said that the fire happened in a three-storey factory building Luxury Fan in Sylhet district near the capital Dhaka. The fire started at about 17.30 local time (15.30 Baku time). Firefighters took two hours to deal with the raging flames.

The local authorities said that the factory in the time of the fire there were about 70-80 workers, and 19 of them were in a separate room on the roof of the building.

“Among them 10 were killed on the spot and nine survived. Two of them were injured”, — the newspaper reports the words of the representative of the local authority Abdullah al Zaki.

In turn, the survivors of the incident said that the fire started after fire polishing materials designed for production work.

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