In Belarus invite tourists to small towns and villages

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Maria al-Salhani


In Belarus, the name of tourists in small towns and villages. In the Naroch region new businesses and resorts provide jobs and profit to the local budget. Even cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky hardly recognized the area where I grew up. Of change told the correspondent of “MIR 24” Denis Koshelev.

Myadel district – the most popular Belarusian resort. There are 11 health centers, 90 farmsteads, forests and dozens of lakes. And there’s an Apothecary gardens. Two hundred hectares of land cultivated twenty-five kinds of herbs: Echinacea, bloodroot, sage, sweet grass, yarrow. They make teas that are sold in Belarus and in Europe.

“It is really ecologically clean region where there are no large industrial enterprises, there are no highways, there the law prohibited the use of mineral fertilizers. And it coincides with our goals and policies of our production”, – said the founder of the Apothecary garden Alexander Rogach.

Tourists come to try medicinal infusions and look at fitofarm. This time make outer guests with Belarusian roots.

Not from space – but from a helicopter Oleg Novitsky listened to the story about the benefits of different herbs, and then collected his tea from thyme, lemon and cardamom. Gives strength. The Belarusian idea is to revive the regions – cosmonaut appreciated. Says: good thing, he is going to go live in the village.

“Very comfortable I feel in the village. And read: the fact that people who grew up in the village, he needed more personal space. And when I’m in town, I’m not comfortable, I need space,” said cosmonaut, Hero of the Russian Federation Oleg Novitsky.

Locals astronaut presented pictures of the myadelsky district of the space and promised to return, but not alone, but with family to relax and show loved ones your favorite childhood places.

Note that only in the past year, Myadel district tourism earned about $ 15 million.