In Belarus, the deviators from the army will temporarily close the border

В Беларуси уклонистам от армии временно закроют границу

Deviators from the army will temporarily close the border of Belarus. The relevant amendments to the laws of effective functioning of the military organization of the state considered the House of representatives, reports “WORLD 24”.

Innovations affect the lives of young men of military age who evade conscription. Soon will change the rules for obtaining deferment from the army. It will be provided once and only for education.

“He finished this year of school. He has every right to do at any school. It is given a deferment from the army. Finished, he received an education. Decided to continue and do the second step. The right to defer here he loses. He entered, took a sabbatical, went into the army, he served and continues to learn,” – said the member of the standing Committee on national security of the house of Representatives of the Republic of Belarus Igor Martynov.

In addition, the Dodgers will not be able to hold public office. Not serve in the army of Belarusians do not take on the work of the civil service,the MOE and the police.