In BMW told about the attitude of customers to the “toothed” grilles

В BMW рассказали об отношении клиентов к «зубастым» решеткам

BMW refused an unusual grille in his electric car Vision iNext 2018, but remained overall committed to his new style.

BMW has received “very positive” feedback on his radical change of style for some models, including the X7, said the head of product Peter Henrich.

He told Autocar that it’s a bold stylistic decision under boss design Adrian van Hoydonk was correct, and the study of customers showed that it is correctly perceived.

Although there are always haters who are specifically looking for something to complain about, and do not accept the new.

“BMW customers are demanding. They want to Express themselves and not afraid of cars with a strong character. They are looking for them! So we decided to focus more on strong “characters” and bold design,” he said.

On the question of whether BMW to apply the same radical design for the next-generation versions of its traditionally more conservative models such as the 5-series, the Home responded that it is important that each model had its own character.

“Each machine its positioning. In the early stages of development, we sit down and prepare a product — to discuss its design and engineering and define the nature and positioning. Some models are more extraordinary, they are more bold,” he says.

Although unexpected grille BMW Vision iNext 2018 was scrapped after negative feedback from customers, there is no doubt that experiments with the design of the company will continue in the future.

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