In Bolivia, the opposition refused to negotiate with Morales

В Боливии оппозиция отказалась от переговоров с Моралесом

Demonstrators in Bolivia have taken the wording of two public television and broadcasters. Evo Morales accused them that they “act as dictators”, and execute “plan a fascist coup.”The situation in Bolivia continues to deteriorate. As reported on Sunday, November 10, the news Agency AFP, the opposition refused to recognize the victory of Evo Morales in the recent presidential election, rejected his proposal for “urgent” talks.

“With Morales and his government is nothing to discuss”, – quotes Agency the leader of the Bolivian opposition of Carlos Mesa in response to the call for Morales to dialogue. As well said and one of the representatives of other opposition parties, the Agency reports.

Protesters in Bolivia have taken a version of the state media

The demonstrators took the wording of the two state-owned media: channel Bolivia TV and radiosities Radio Patria Nueva in La Paz, the seat of the government of the Latin American States.
Commenting on this situation, Evo Morales said in his microblog on Twitter that the opposition “acting like dictators”, while claiming that they are defending democracy. According to the politician, the protesters set fire to the house of his sister in the city of Oruro, as well as the residence of the governors of the departments of Oruro and Chuquisaca. While Morales said that the opposition perform ” the plan for a fascist coup.”

According to media reports, on the night of Sunday protesters in Bolivia have blocked the toll booth for the use of the highway between the cities of La Paz and El Alto, is considered a center of supporters of the incumbent President of the country.

The protests after the presidential elections in Bolivia

Protests related to the non-recognition of presidential election results continued from Bolivia for about three weeks. Preliminary results of the past October 20 vote, released the same evening, pointed to the possibility of a second round. However, the next day, after treatment 95% of protocols, the election Commission announced that incumbent President Evo Morales receives 46,87% of the votes, and his opponent Carlos Mesa, who held the post of head of state from October 2003 to June 2005 36,73 per cent.

Mesa declared “fraud” and said he did not intend to recognize the election results. According to him, Morales won in 2005, 2009 and 2014, with the election Commission wants to prevent the holding of the second round.

Meanwhile, on Friday the Bolivian police refused to serve at the presidential Palace. In addition to improving working conditions and the resignation of their leaders, police officers demanded assurances that the police will not be used as a “political tool of any government.”

According to Agency AFP, in the course of the demonstrations in Bolivia, three people died and about 200 were injured.