In Brazil fell, a mysterious glowing object

В Бразилии упал загадочный светящийся объект

Residents of some cities (Mossoró, Assu, etc.) of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte, witnessed a strange phenomenon: the seventh of July at 23:00 in the sky appeared a green glow, obviously from reaching some object, after a time, a flying object crashed into the ocean, reports the DILL.

As noted by the eyewitnesses, the object was shaped like a ball, which shone a bright green light. Filmed anomaly Daniel Fortunato. During the incident the man was on the beach of St. Christopher.

Some witnesses decided that they had seen a meteor, while others believe the fall of the UFO. The fact that a group of citizens observed the change of the object trajectory before diving under water, an ordinary block is not capable of this. Ufologists don’t deny that the ocean could dive the ship of aliens. The only reason he was on fire before diving? So far, the answer is no, waiting for reviews astronomers.


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