In Brazil, thousands of volunteers clean the coast from oil

В Бразилии тысячи добровольцев очищают побережье от нефти

In cleaning the beaches from the oil spill on the northeast coast of Brazil involves thousands of volunteers. For nature conservation, they use wheelbarrows, shovels and plastic gloves. This is the BBC.

It is known that only for Saturday in the state of Pernambuco beaches cleared of 30 tons of oil, and Federal prosecutors said that the spill caused environmental damage in the area of 2.1 thousand km.

Experts say that this could be the most terrible disaster for the coral reefs of the region.

On Thursday, the Brazilians managed to understand that oil is transported from Venezuela, and the vessel from which it emerged, has not yet been determined. Also at the moment it is unclear whether the volume of oil on the coast of Brazil to increase or decrease, and how long the problem will be solved, which has affected nine States in the largest country in Latin America.