In Brest ended with a Patriotic action “memory Road”



From Vladivostok to Brest. Belarus finished Patriotic action “memory Road” that took place on the territory of the Union state. The participants moved from town to town, collecting the earth from the battlefields of the great Patriotic in a metal capsule. It was the veterans, the staff of the investigative committees, cadets and students of Russia and Belarus. At the finish of the capsule was transferred to the Museum of the Brest fortress, reports “WORLD 24”.

“Of course, the campaign is aimed at Patriotic education of our youth. Foster friendship between them, because then these guys go through life and create the future of our countries”, – said the head of the Department for teaching and educational work of SK of the Russian Federation Sergey Petrov.

We will add that the action “Road of Memory” lasted four months.

In January the baton “memory Road” was launched in Primorsky Krai. The ceremony began with a solemn volley, and then the sailors laid flowers to the Eternal flame. Relay participants gathered in the sleeve ground from the field of Khasan battles, where in 1938 there was the first battle between the red army and the Japanese army.