In Britain, began the extraordinary elections to the Parliament

В Британии начались внеочередные выборы в парламент

© RIA Novosti / Alexander vilf. The building of the Parliament of great Britain. The photo archiveIn the UK holds early parliamentary elections, which will determine the fate of Brexit.Polling stations opened at 07.00 (10.00 GMT) Thursday and will last until 22.00 local time (01.00 GMT 13 Dec). Most of the sites are located in schools, which, to the delight of students there will be canceled classes. However, their parents, the state does not give the day off to vote, the British will go either before or after work.
After the polls closed will start the counting of votes will be published first forecast the election results. During the night formed a General picture will be the winners in the most important districts. Announcement of preliminary results as well as statements of party leaders should be expected by Friday morning. Once during the day 13 of December will be announced the final results of the vote, the leader of the winning party will officially announce that he goes to the Queen of great Britain for permission to form a government, and after the audience speaks about the plans of his party for the next five years.As previously reported, the office of the government, the new Parliament will start work on 17 December, the Queen will deliver a speech about the plans of the Cabinet of Ministers on December 19. If the results of the election will be a change of Prime Minister, the speech from the throne the Queen will be scheduled for January.

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