In Britain found “analog” of the tomb of Tutankhamun

В Британии нашли «аналог» гробницы Тутанхамона

British archaeologists have discovered the intact burial is recognized as one of the oldest of its kind.

The find was made in a very prosaic place: on the side of the road next to the pub and also a cheap supermarket.

In 2003, scientists noticed a small mound on the ground. They didn’t expect to find something unusual there, but still decided to conduct a study reports .

“What is our life? Game!”В Британии нашли «аналог» гробницы Тутанхамона“World mind games”: the premiere of “the World” Excavations and examination took several years. It turned out that under the earth hiding the Anglo-Saxon burial chamber of a nobleman, possibly of Royal blood. Her age was estimated at 1,400 years.

The scientists noted that still has not been found in the country anything like it.

Inside preserved gold coins, laid out in a specific order, as well as glass and wooden vessels. According to historians, they were taken from places where today is Syria.

In addition, for the first time, was discovered a fragment of a lyre – the musical instrument known mainly from descriptions of the ancient texts and ballads.

The chamber was a four-meter square and was buried at a depth of five feet below ground.

“I think it’s our equivalent of Tutankhamun’s tomb,” said study leader Sophie Jackson.

The burial took to the transitional era in British history. There began to spread Christianity, but traditional beliefs remained strong. So the grave is preserved, and pagan, and religious symbols (the cross).

The identity of buried remains unknown. According to radiocarbon Dating that he died between 575 and 605 years.

Interestingly, his height was 172 centimeters is an unusually high number for that time.

Some researchers have suggested that the man was “Prince warrior” and refers to the ruling dynasty. Perhaps he was the brother of king Sabert (606-614.), the first Christian ruler of the East Saxon Kingdom (Essex).

Earlier it was reported that near Astrakhan found the burial of a rich Sarmatian warrior.