In Buryatia on June 3 will stop analog broadcasting

В Бурятии 3 июня прекратится аналоговое телевещание

In Buryatia on June 3 happens off the analogue television in the nationwide transition to digital TV. For signal reception a new format to citizens it is necessary to buy a special set-top box or a modern TV, said “Baikal Daily”.

To ensure coverage of the territory of the Republic of digital signal was built 200 objects broadcast. The population coverage amounted to 97,41%.

In the administration of Ulan-Ude reported that low-income citizens will receive targeted assistance for the purchase of necessary equipment. For help to set it up residents may apply to the volunteers or call-hour hotline. In addition, the country operates a center for Advisory support for transition to “figure”.

Recall that in 2019, Russia passes to digital television. The transition takes place in four waves, each of which affects certain regions. The third stage starts on 3 June: the new format of the signal go over 50 regions, including Buryatia.

After the transition, the Russians will be available for free 20 TV channels in high quality. On the TV channel “MIR” viewers will be able to switch with 18 button remote.