In Canada, an elderly woman stole a car and didn’t notice for 2 weeks

В Канаде пожилая женщина угнала авто и не замечала этого 2 недели
In the canadian city of Ontario police asked the representative of a local company that deals with rental cars, transfers DILL.

The man said that the old woman returned to their car, including theft. However, the pensioner client of their firm was not and this car is not rented. Police arrived at the scene, was detained and interrogated the old woman.

The woman told that in the local supermarket went on the rented black Nissan Sentra. After shopping the pensioner went home. But is your car an elderly woman sat in a black Infiniti QX50. The difference between the sedan and the hatchback, she noticed only after 2 weeks. They also found that “accidentally steal” the car the woman managed for the reason that the man who rented and parked the Infiniti QX50, left the keys in the car. Since both cars were leased, they start with the starter button.

The corresponding factor was not allowed for a woman to realize that she sat in their car. Police came to the conclusion that the pensioner was not malice, so to press charges she did not.


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