In canadian airport raccoon for a few hours delayed flight

В канадском аэропорту енот на несколько часов задержал рейс

In Toronto, Canada flight Air Canada was delayed for several hours due to stuck in the hose of the air conditioner of a raccoon.

As reported by CBC, the animal hiding inside the hose of the air conditioner, detected before boarding when the crew hooked up the tube with air to the aircraft. After that, the raccoon took off and got into the ventilation system.

“In the first hour it was like a novel. No one has ever seen anything like it,” — said one of the eyewitnesses of the events.

To rescue the raccoon, the members of the ground crew had to remove the panel of the aircraft. A few hours later saved by the animal immediately ran away. It is still unknown how he got to the hose of the air conditioner.

As compensation for the delay, the airline offered passengers vouchers to buy food in the airport and a discount on future flights.

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