In Catalonia, spoke about the new referendum on independence

В Каталонии заговорили о новом референдуме о независимости

In Spanish Catalonia need to hold a new referendum on independence for the troubled region, said the head of the local government Kim Torr.

Two years later, after the first referendum, which ended in the trial of his predecessors, the Catalan leader made a speech in the local Parliament, commenting on the tough sentences to members of the previous Cabinet of Ministers.

“If we were sentenced to 100 years in prison for what we have rendered the ballot box, the answer is clear: we have to make them again, for self-determination”, – quotes the edition Torre La Vanguardia.

At the same time, he condemned the violence on the protests that in the last three days covered the Catalan capital Barcelona and other cities in the region. Kim Torr was named that peaceful means are the only way forward and denied that Catalan separatists are violent.

In the last three days Catalonia has stirred up protests after the Spanish Supreme court sentenced nine of the separatist leaders for their participation in the referendum on independence in 2017.

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