In celebration of the 4th of July to forget

Des célébrations du 4 juillet à oublier

The celebrations of what promises to be the last July 4th of the presidency, Trump began a speech, dystopian at the foot of mount Rushmore.

A simple glance at the picture in the header of this ticket allows you to understand why Donald Trump has moved to the circus of his re-election campaign and bundled thousands of people, not hidden and not manipulated to come see it. The speech and its staging, nicely summarized his vision of the choice that it offers to its compatriots, in this election year.

The equal of the greatest

By choosing to revive his re-election campaign at the foot of mount Rushmore, Donald Trump reports that he sees himself as the equal of the greatest presidents in the history of his country. He is probably convinced, deep down inside, that his fellow citizens will recognize one day its magnitude in sculpting its hoe in this mountain, fly to Sioux-the Lakota in the 1920’s. It is this same conviction of being the elect angel who came to save his people from threats to its deepest identity, which has made governing increasingly as an autocrat who has no accountability to anyone.

Trump has been presented to the audience as the greatest defender of the Constitution of our time, he who conceives the Constitution as giving it powers virtually unlimited without any form of accountability, the opposite of the will of the founders.

The monuments against the revolution’s radical left

No wonder that Donald Trump has chosen to make this speech at the foot of this monument in order to incorporate his image, since he sometimes gives the impression of being to perceive itself as a monument. This is not a coincidence that this president, who has made the revival of a mythical past as the central theme of his first campaign and his presidency, is staged at the foot of the greatest monument to the mythical past on the american territory.

An important part of his speech was devoted to what he considers the biggest problem facing his country: the “cultural war” being waged by the “radical left” against the idealized image of a nation trapped in a past where America was great and everyone was in his place in an “order” is today lost. At the heart of this cultural war, of course, there is the reconsideration of the hundreds of monuments erected to this order as iconic as the president would like the untouchables.

There are without doubt errors and exaggerations in the movement dubbed the “cancel ” culture” (culture of the cancellation history), which seeks to raise awareness of the serious mistakes of the past will of the american people, but the caricature that Trump, in fact, for pork is far short of the reality. The vandals and extremists of this movement are far from constituting a center of significant power in the democratic Party, which he accused of embodying the radical anti-American.

Obviously, it does not with the electorate, who continue to prefer Joe Biden, a democrat moderate in which the label of radical stick-just not (I can hardly imagine what it would be like the speech from Trump if the democrats had chosen Bernie Sanders).

The shackles of 2016

The speech dystopian pronounced awkwardly by Trump at the foot of mount Rushmore was a reminder of her inability to break out of the themes of his campaign of 2016. Division, confrontation, fear — especially the fear of the alien, and the demonization of the opponent seem to be to him indispensable crutches rhetorical. These have served it well in 2016, and they remained with him since the very first moments of his inaugural speech.

It was found during his first rallying supporter to Tulsa; Donald Trump is determined to re-play the campaign of 2016, as if the four years of his presidency had never happened. He would have liked to surf on the prosperity uneven, artificial, and fragile that its deficits, and its deregulation, the blind have temporarily injected to the us economy, but the fate has decided otherwise. Instead, it is the failure monumental in its response to the pandemic that will voters.

No wonder, then, that the president tries to divert the attention to a cultural war symbolic back in his comfort zone of rhetoric and encourages them to play again without stops the drive of his campaign against Hillary Clinton. However, we are in 2020 and the enemy to destroy a virus is invisible, which was singularly absent from the discourse and concerns of the president to mount Rushmore.

COVID-19? Not know.

By insisting to hold large gatherings electoral (let’s call things by their name: this speech on the occasion of the national holiday, paid for by taxpayers, was a election rally), without precautionary measures against the spread of the coronavirus, Trump seeks to erase the tragedy of the death of more than 130 000 of his compatriots and the resounding failure of his administration to manage this crisis of the consciousness of the electorate.

Not a mask in sight on the forum, and very few in the assembled crowd in tight rows for the occasion. The staging was enough to convey the message that Trump wants to forget about this crisis, but the speech reinforced the deletion. The word “virus” itself was pronounced only once in the discourse, to applaud the work of scientists, of which Trump is convinced that they will find a solution providential just in time for his re-election.

Contrary to what one would expect of a true leader, the speech contained not a word of comfort for the families of the 130,000 american victims of this pandemic, no taking of responsibility for the fact that the U.s. has one of the worst balance sheets in the world and are far from having contained the blaze.

In this election year, Donald Trump will continue to attempt to persuade the electorate that it is still in 2016, but there is nothing to doubt that the voters of 2020 will follow. Donald Trump is seen may be one day immortalized in the granite of mount Rushmore, but a majority of his fellow countrymen seem determined to relegate it to the dustbin.

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