In Central Chile Santiago, the police again disperse protesters

В центре чилийского Сантьяго полиция вновь разгоняет демонстрантов

Police again disperse thousands of demonstrators gathered in the center of the Chilean Santiago.
Law enforcement officers used tear gas.
In the capital region again declared a curfew, he will operate from 22.00 to 4.00 (10.00 GMT). This time it is shorter by four hours.
The death toll from the protests in Chile have increased to 18 people.
October sixth in the country increased the price of the subway fare by 30 Chilean peso (0,042 dollar), which led to protests. Initially peaceful rally by 18 October escalated into clashes with police officers — people set up barricades, caused damage to many metro stations, set fire to shopping centers, buses in major cities was tightened military and armored vehicles.

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