In Chechnya 150 people extinguish a burning tank at the gas station

В Чечне 150 человек тушат горящую цистерну на автозаправке

At the gas station the Chechen village of Nozhay-Yurt one tank of gas exploded and the second caught fire, reports RIA “Novosti”. There were no injuries at the scene working firefighters.

“To extinguish the fire brought 10 pieces of equipment and 150 personnel. Currently is working on the cooling of the tank with liquefied gas and protection of the surrounding buildings,” – said in the regional Department of the emergencies Ministry.

The capacity of the exploded tanks was 10 cubic meters, the second to 30 cubic meters. The nearest houses are at a distance of 400-500 Mestre from the scene.

Earlier it was reported that the capital of Niger tanker truck overturned on the road. Dozens of people who came to the fallen truck to collect fuel, were killed in the ensuing explosion.