In Chelyabinsk will process four tonnes of used batteries from the Arctic

В Челябинске переработают четыре тонны использованных батареек из Заполярья

To Chelyabinsk from the Murmansk region will recycle about 4 tons of used batteries. Such a large lot of batteries collected in the Arctic, will be utilized for the first time, writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

According to the Director of the Centre for environmental initiatives (tseo) “Clean the Arctic”, Ekaterina Makarova, sending will take place at the end of this month.

“We have an agreement with the company, which is free of charge collects the batteries from the boxes, installed in the Murmansk region, with a substantial discount will bring the batteries in Chelyabinsk,” – said the expert.

In the South Urals is the country’s sole plant, which is licensed for the recycling of batteries.

Note that in the Murmansk region now has 11 points for used batteries. Four of them are located in Murmansk, and the rest in Severomorsk, Kandalaksha, Polar dawns, Kirovsk, Apatity and Monchegorsk and Olenegorsk.

According to Makarova, to the project recently joined the Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs of the region. Currently, receiving points establishes new boxes for batteries – more solid and durable.

In the future, ecologists will open more battery collection points in the cities of the region. The grant for this purpose, the specialists hope to obtain each year.