In Chernigov the Crimean topic was raised

Как в Чернигове крымскую тему поднимали

In October, in Chernihiv, there were two events on the same topic – “occupation of Crimea”. The city was the tenth regional center in round of the Ukrainian “activists” in support of the so-called prisoner of the Kremlin.

Before that was a similar rally in Kherson, Odessa, Lviv, Mariupol, Slavyansk and other cities of the country. Partner was called the Ukrainian Helsinki Spilka on human rights.

Journalists demonstrated 86 steel trap, as if symbolizing “the Russian repressions against the Crimean Tatar ethnic group”. Invited “star” of the event was Ilmi Umerov, a former Deputy head of the Majlis* the former head of the Bakhchisaray district administration (2005-2014), which is called to return the Crimea by force. “A Russian passport I received in early 2014 forced. When occupied the Peninsula, I took the decision not to go anywhere. Under any circumstances, I will remain in the Crimea. I was the head of the Bakhchsarai area. Given a bunch of diagnosis, I had every reason to apply for disability. I did just that. 2 August 2014 resigned. Since then have a pension. Russian passport I need was to do SNILS and to receive Russian pensions”, – he told in 2016. And talked about the fact that “the transitional period” enabled him to obtain from the Russian state 42 thousand rubles per month for a year.

Как в Чернигове крымскую тему поднимали

Demonstration 86 steel traps took place in a crowded area, near shopping and entertainment center of Chernigov, so the citizens had the opportunity to join the action, to participate in discussions and even to sign a letter to the “prisoners of the Kremlin.” It would seem that all had to communicate with the organizers. But even exotic traps has not made much of an impression on Chernigov, busy with their daily routine Affairs. The event, despite careful training, passed uneventfully.

And the presentation of the book Ukrainian journalists “People “SRO Zoni” on the Crimean theme was even more quiet and almost imperceptible with a slight quantity of its participants commensurate with the number of organizers of the action. This book was published with participation of Ukrainian Institute of national memory, until recently led by the infamous Mr. Viatrovych.

The selection 55 “of evidence about the annexation of the Crimea” we are talking about the history of the “Crimean spring”, fragments of which supposedly ignores or deliberately creates Russian propaganda. “Witnesses” are trying to deny the obvious fact – the vast majority of inhabitants of Crimea voluntarily chose Russia. It is significant that the authors begin their narrative with a story about the support of the Crimean euromaidan, is supposedly divided the inhabitants of the Peninsula “two barricades: some of them want a European future, others of the Soviet past”.

Как в Чернигове крымскую тему поднимали

The book “People “SRO Zoni””

Lies in the fact that no “two barricades” was not, and was miserable propagandee Ukrainian minority, was the second minority who had their own plans for the departure of the Crimea from the jurisdiction of Ukraine “under the guise” (the military wing, there were extremist organizations who left the Peninsula after a referendum in 2014) and the vast majority of people (here and Russians, Ukrainians, and Crimean Tatars) who voted in favour of the Russian status of Crimea, calling it a “return to home port”. Owner, which was represented in October in Chernigov, was a biased selection of “memories” some people, such as the co-coordinator of the movement “Euromaidan Crimea” which his eyes saw what was happening, “but then I stole the tablet and the phone.” The participants of the “Crimean spring” he describes as “local addicts”, but immediately acknowledges that with numerous relatives stopped communicating – they all supported the Russian status of Crimea. Left this “witness” from the Crimea before the referendum.

But the second – and also random co-facilitator of the same euromedinukas movement. This went on – say, all supporters of the referendum with which he spoke, “been marginalized”.

And the third “witness” from the same company. And the fourth daughter signaller Ian, moved to Crimea in 2002. She “tearfully” joy recalled how until 2014, the Peninsula was conquered by the schismatic Filaret Filaret-Denysenko. And in December 2013 moved from Crimea to the Kiev Maidan – Maidan “for Europe”. “Testified” this lady about how she personally saw lots of flags and portraits of Putin in Yalta, and her friends “saw Russian soldiers on an APC that was driving to the store and buying vodka.” The authors knizhentsii it was necessary to add in this place “with balalaika and bears”. And anyway, why is APC to buy vodka when you can just enter to the store – all give themselves. Oh, I do not have enough journalists imagination! Then the daughter signaller Ian told me about the “bearded Chechens” at the checkpoint and that the woman neighbor on the bus to Ukraine – admitted that Russian tanks were hidden under the ground. Perhaps the authors ought to ask about the health “of the witness” before you post this nonsense, but why not write in order to try to challenge the choice of the Crimean people.

Here’s another “witness” – a native of Galicia. This. And this – “atoshnik” from the battalion “Carpathian Sich”. A part of the “witnesses” never called “for security purposes”, so you can write anything. For example, the fact that in the Crimea, supposedly there is a massive “secret protest”: people who like buying blue and yellow towels and “more in the streets write that Crimea is Ukraine”. That is a case where cockroaches in my head, “witness” released on paper… Hence the confession: “I could not live in this atmosphere… I do Not want to deal with these people… I don’t remember anyone from the Crimean friends who could be called a Ukrainian patriot… In the Crimea has always outweighed the Pro-Russian mood (maybe because Crimea has always felt Russia? – Ed.)…

Many interlocutors of the author of “the People “gray zone”” could not hide the fact that the vast majority of Crimeans before the March referendum in 2014 was Pro-Russian configured. In General, it is significant that “witnesses annexation” had accumulated a little more than 20 people, including incognito and minors.

In conclusion – some conclusions about the two Chernigov stock:

The opponents of the current Russia, contrary to present-day realities and historical facts impose on the audience his point of view on the situation in Crimea and the history of the Peninsula. In particular:

1. They claim that the Crimea never was Russian and that the thesis of his membership of the former Empire did not correspond to the facts. While generally glossed over the fact that the Peninsula was part of the USSR (independent Ukraine not!) was only in 1954;

2. They insist that the Crimean authorities allegedly subjected to reprisals by the local Crimean Tatars on the grounds of their ethnicity, not for their wrongful acts;

3. They deny the fact of the official functioning of the Crimean Tatar language on a par with Ukrainian and Russian. State its status they call “propaganda of the occupying Russian authorities, not the truth”. Support for the Crimean Tatar community living in Crimea, these “activists” do not have;

4. They speak for the military settlement the return of the Crimea, although the example of Donbass, which before my eyes, shows the futility of such a path.

One of the organizers of the presentation of the book about the “gray area” lamented the fact that the former interest to the Crimean problem in Ukraine, and in Europe is falling. And not only in Europe. Even Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey (and the Ottoman Empire always had a claim to Crimea), hosting a delegation of the state Duma of the Russian Federation in October, shook hands with the deputies from the Crimea Natalia Polonskaya and Ruslan Belbek. Ukrainian “activists” is quietly swallowed – and what to do?

Arguments and private opinions “authoritative” human rights are imposed through various channels of mass to the listener and the viewer of Ukraine and form a distorted view of history and current events in Crimea. Are certain political forces who are interested in further aggravation of relations with Russia.

And what in the Crimea? The residents look forward to a launch rail on the bridge between mainland Russia and Crimea. On 8 November, the tickets started to sell in two directions – Moscow – Simferopol and Saint Petersburg – Sevastopol. This will ensure that the Peninsula is still more tourists, and will allow Crimeans to travel to Russia by train. It is a pity that Ukraine does not analyze the causation of the loss of the Crimea: if set the task of these links to understand, and in the Donbas came to the world.

But the authors of the book “People of the “gray zone”” the world, apparently, is not necessary. They carry his opus, not only in Ukraine but also in Europe, it is published on the website of the Institute, translated into English. Anything that is a lie. Now for Ukrainian journalism habitual lies and even justified.