In Chernivtsi, the woman gave birth to triplets. Now the family of five children

В Черновцах женщина родила тройню. Теперь в семье пятеро детей

In Chernivtsi, the woman gave birth to triplets. Now the family of five children
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34-year-old mother after childbirth feels good. Their newborn “Princess” she’s already given names – keira, Diane and Pauline.

A resident of the village of hlyboka, Chernivtsi, Julia Repchuk gave birth to triplets. This was reported by the news Agency of ass. This is the first time in several years, when Bukovina is born triplets.

Repchuk in 34 years brings a 14-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son. Now the young mother added a pleasant hassle. Newborns, as it is called in the family, Princess named Kira, Diane and Pauline.

The first was born weighing 2230 grams, average – 2140 grams and menshenina lowest – 2000 grams. Brother and sister kids have already visited mother and sisters in Chernivtsi hospital.

The son of Yaroslav could not admire, – says Julia. – And these my and it my and it my too! he said. Daughter stayed with us for a little help. Everyone is looking forward to home.

According to Julia, the character is still more all showed average Diana, constantly requires attention. Junior Polina doesn’t like it when you touch it. And the older Cyrus, is the quietest.

From the beginning the triplets became the third in Ukraine. In January, Tatiana from Kiev, which already had five children, gave birth to babies: one boy and two girls, Victoria, nick and Victor. Now father break your head over where to place replenishment, because the space for new beds there. Another problem is the stroller for three children to carry on the third floor without an Elevator is difficult, but because of the narrow walls is impossible.In March in Lviv triplets were born two boys and a girl.

According to statistics, the chance that the couple will appear in triplets is one in 200 million.

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