In Cherry because of the closeness of two classes after the draw was sent to study in the house

В Вишневом из-за тесноты два класса после жребия отправили учиться в жилой дом

In Cherry because of the closeness of two classes after the draw was sent to study in the house
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School No. 1 city of cherry. Photo:

The school scored 8 first classes, but couldn’t fit it, and the parents are already preparing for the fights.

The new Law “On education” and the reform of schooling continues to create problems for primary school pupils and also their parents. This time the problem occurred at school No. 1 city of cherry Kyiv region. According to the new procedure, the school took all of the registered services for children, and found that the school was not physically fit in two classes.

By decision of the administration, since September first, two second class must give your audience of future first-graders and go learn to dwelling house on the street Pervomayskay, 8.

The school was a draw and selected these two classes. Of course, the loser parents who defended their children and stated that on 2 September they will come to your classes and take their former places. Write about the members of the group “children of the Cherry” in facebook.

“Misters officials! You understand that September 2 could be a fight between parents of children at the Desk!!! Are you ready to physically defend rights and your children’s training at school No. 1?”, write Elena Leleka with Vadim and Giulianova.

And I propose a compromise – to make space on may day, 8, the best classrooms. To equip them with everything necessary to make repairs in the third place to make room for nutrition and even physical education. Because the parents can agree on a compromise only if the children will study in decent conditions. But this requires urgent resolution of the city and district authorities to catch up to the new academic year.

Problems with the facilities at school # 1 Cherry is an old one. This is one of the oldest schools in the city and it was designed just for 360 children. Now it is studying more than 1,000 people. In 2007, the school was promised a new room and even started to build the hull. But things are there: the money to finish school is not enough.

The money for construction was already allocated, members voted, allocated but not in that volume in which I would like. Previously, there was a kindergarten, now everything is repaired, and children will learn without any loss to the educational process, – explained the “KP in Ukraine” the Deputy and the Deputy Chairman of the Constant Deputy Commission on education, science, culture, youth and sports of the city Council of Cherry Vladimir Atamanyuk.

In the very same school confident children will be happy there.

– The school rents the premises from the local community of cherry. There last year the first class was care, they know this space. We made repairs, changed the Windows. This year, the first classes filed for 225 people. It is 8 first class, and we have no right to refuse anyone who registered. We need to accept everyone. It was therefore decided that two second grade will learn in the next building, – says “KP in Ukraine” the Director of the school №1 Vladimir plahotniuc.

And says that would be his will, would long ago have finished and no one would have “resettled”. But to teach children is still needed, regardless of whether it would be in a room or in different.

By the WAY

Less than children

And this is not an isolated case, an alternative space are looking for first class schools in the Darnytsia district. As we wrote in the Slavic gymnasium in Darnytskyi district of Kiev in the first class statement was filed by the parents of 343 babies. Of these, 276 have the right to priority enrollment.

“This year in the Slavic gymnasium scored 9 first class!!! Facilities for teaching children, they are simply nowhere to place. Now frantically looking for a place to open a branch school”, – wrote in Facebook Christina hrechanyuk.

“RUO doesn’t know what to do with first-graders across the photographs. The school has no corridors, all the outbuildings are turned into classes. I would place the parents of first-graders joined together and filed lawsuits in court for violation of your constitutional rights,” writes Adele Surkov.

And while parents choose how to defend the right of children to education, in the Department of education Darnytsa district confirmed that they are already considering the option of creating a branch school in another room. Those options that are today, are located near the gymnasium.

And such situation not only in this school. In the same Darnytskyi district at school No. 111 scored 8 of the first class. In the old districts of the capital, where there are buildings, places in schools enough.

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