In China do not yet know when their will pay off the world’s longest sea bridge

В Китае пока не знают, когда окупится их самый длинный в мире морской мост

To ensure the return on new bridge Hong Kong-Macau-Zhuhai revenue from traffic is impossible, so at the moment, new programs to increase revenue from the operation of the bridge, told reporters the chief engineer of the bridge Li Jiang.

“(The revenue from traffic – ed.) can’t cover the cost of the construction of the bridge, that’s why we strive to formulate a new policy for the optimization, we also want to use the advantages that gives us the brand of this bridge, for the development of tourism,” he said.

According to the engineer, the Eastern artificial island will be in the future is open to the public as a tourist attraction.

He noted that the bridge should last for 120 years, adding that with proper care and the efforts of its service life can be extended up to 150 years.

Answering the question about when the bridge will pay off, he noted that it is difficult to say, but all three cities are working on a new policy of use of the bridge, and when she’s ready, then it will be possible to determine the exact timing of when the bridge will begin to make a profit.

Last week, the “Comments” reported that France was hit by the elements in the form of heavy snowfall, resulting in the South-East of the country was paralyzed the movement, but remained without electricity for more than 300,000 families in the Drôme, Ardèche, isère and rhône. In addition, recorded a fatal case: a 63-year-old man fell a tree, to save the victim failed.

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