In China tested the ship’s raltron

Sea trials of the gun is scheduled for completion in 2023.

У Китаї випробували корабельний рейкотрон

Chinese developers have successfully tested the ship ramtron. According to the survey, sea trials of the new tools developers will be completed in 2023 and 2025 to prepare a railgun to mount on ships, informs Rus.Media.

Railgun is a weapon that uses electromagnetic force to disperse snaryagu. It snared in the first stage of the shot is part of an electric circuit, moving between the two contact rails. For the shot gun needs a short-term supply of high voltage and current, which could not provide simple connection to electrical network.

According to official statements, China is developing its own ramtron since the beginning of 2000-ies, and research in the area of electromagnetic weapons in General been conducted since the 1980s. the First prototypes of the new weapons created and tested in China, appeared in 2005. It was a small laboratory samples, which are not suitable for scaling and production.

In October 2017, Naval University of engineering Sciences of the people’s liberation army of China announced the development of technologies that can be used to create ramtron. In particular, it was about electromagnetic propulsion snared. Other details about the new development was not specified.

In early February of last year appeared the first photos of the landing ship “Jianshang” with the new gun, looks like no one from the Chinese naval artillery. Then some experts have suggested that the new weapon could be railgun. A month later the ship went to sea for trials.

According to U.S. intelligence, the development of the ship ramtron in China was conducted in 2011, and the first test (probably a lab) took place in 2014. Other details about the new Chinese development is still unknown.

Earlier prototypes ramtron introduced by American company General Atomics, and British BAE Systems. Railgun BAE Systems uses to fire metal kinetic projectile weighing 16 pounds. Muzzle energy of the gun is 32 megajoules. Prototype tools General Atomics has Dolno energy of 33 megajoules.

In July 2017 the research Department of the Navy, in conjunction with BAE Systems tested ramtron installed on the ground of “Dahlgren” in Virginia. During these tests the gun was first fired two shots in a row. Soon after it became known about the closure of the project railgun due to the complexity of the instrument, its high energy needs and small resource.