In China, testing a facial recognition system for distracted students

In middle school Chinese Hangzhou has established an experimental system allowing the management school to keep students focused on lessons.

В Китае тестируют систему распознавания лиц для отвлекающихся учеников

About it reports The Telegraph.

The new system is installed only in one class, but by the summer of 2018, the management intends to install it in all offices. This system consists of three camera Board that can determine a person’s mood by facial expression. So, if a student is distracted during lessons — the teacher comes an alert which says which of those present did not listen.

According to the head of the educational institution that such a system does not violate the private life of students.

“I used the lessons that I don’t like, could be lazy or even sleep. Now I can’t do that — you know that I always watch,” admitted one of the students.

It is worth noting that the new system klassificeret students into several groups is a perspective that is rarely distracted, and individuals with low effort.

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