In China, the ageless woman “swinging” and dreams of swimming with Putin

In China, 50-year-old Liu Align doesn’t age and looks like a girl of 18.

У Китаї нестаріюча жінка «гойдається» і мріє про заплив з Путіним

She continues to play sports and dream that I will be able to do swim with Putin and not just anywhere, but at Seliger, reports Rus.Media.

The woman had already surprised the world with its young form in quite Mature years. She told that the secret to this is very simple. It is a daily sports and swimming, even in sub-zero temperatures.

A Chinese woman works in a hospital that is located in Xinyang. The sport started only after she turned 30. Special attention is paid to it is a woman swimming.

She claims that she managed to cross by swimming, not only of the yellow river and Yangtze river, but even Maracsko Strait. She recently visited lake Baikal. She wanted to feel his admiration for the Russian winter.

Elin, told the media about his longtime desire. She would love to compete in the swim with Vladimir Putin, because he also plays sports and is not afraid to dive on the Baptism in an ice hole.

The Chinese said that the leader of Russia is eternally young and gorgeous man, who, like she doesn’t age. Happiness for her would be to commit a winter swim with Vladimir Putin.

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