In China, the family bought a puppy who grew up a huge bear

В Китае семья купила щенка, который вырос огромным медведем

The young family living in Yunnan province, China, in 2016 went during vacation on a trip where I bought a puppy of Tibetan Mastiff breed. When he grew up, was that people sold black bear, one of the most expensive on the black market of the country, reports The Independent.

According to the publication, after two years of living in the family pet has not ceased to grow, reaching a weight of over 110 kg, and is trying to walk on its hind legs, and then the owners became suspicious.

Bears already gave the animal to which the family asked for help. However, into the wild, into the wild, animal to send not be able, as he grew up in a home meant for the dog.

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