In China, the saleswoman towel kicked the robber out of the store

В Китае продавщица полотенцем выгнала грабителя из магазина

In China, the store scared the thief, armed with a knife, an ordinary towel.

This was reported TODAY, citing South China Morning Post.

The man pretended that buys a packet of hot snacks and a small carton of milk with a total value of 10 yuan (almost two dollars). Then he started threatening the clerk with a knife.

To record camera footage at the store shows that the woman not only did not scare the fact of the robbery, she told the thief that he did not receive, and demanded to be put away snacks that he picked up in the store.

The woman began waving in front of him with a towel, and the thief ran away.

The saleswoman ran after him and caught thanks to the help of a passer-by. The thief had been detained by the police. Stolen returned to the store.

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