In containment: Bruno Pelletier and the analogy of the mountain

En confinement: Bruno Pelletier et l’analogie de la montagne

At the beginning of the pandemic, the last month, Bruno Pelletier has had to temporarily put a cross on the new tour that he just launched for his album Under the influence.

“I had to do my show at the Capitole de Québec on April 11, with the Orchestre symphonique de Longueuil,” he said. For the moment, everything is pushed back until the fall. But to be honest, we look at the news every day to see how things will turn out for our profession. We don’t know in the fall if we will be able to leave. It is a bit of a nothingness, it’s scary. We don’t really know on which foot dance. “

To be able to keep the morale in this period, strange to say the least, the singer gives the analogy of a mountain and it wants to climb. “It is necessary to go there one foot after the other,” he said. The worst of all things, it is to hurry, because we use our will and our energy. Quietly, taking breaks, we are going to get to the top and you will go to the other side. “

These days, Bruno Pelletier spends his time… to make the boxes ! The singer has to move in less than a month. “I realize that the containment, it is an evil for a good. Because if I had been in my normal life, I think that I would not have had the time to do what I had to do. But this time, it is incredible. I’m already almost ready to move ! “

“It has done me good “

In his free time these last days, the singer has devoured a number of tv series. In its blows of heart of quebec, he appoints first Cérébrum, with Claude Legault and Christine Beaulieu. “I like them very much as actors. There is a dimension relative to the mental illness that I find interesting. And it is in the watermark of the entire main story of the murder of the wife of the psychiatrist. It is like a double story to follow and see. “

He also very much enjoyed the series Leo, with Fabien Cloutier. “I looked at it with an immense happiness. I laughed so hard. I really loved this series-there. To the side a little rural character, but so true. It is so well-written. It has done me good, in this time of containment. “

Side foreign tv series, he has recently watched both on Netflix, Self-Made (” I loved “) and Waco (” I’ve watched the entire series in a day and a half ! “).

About the film, he suggests to re-read the book Dune, by Frank Herbert, which has been adapted into a movie in 1984. “The book has influenced me, but the film had received mixed reviews. Except that Denis Villeneuve is currently working on a remake which should be out later this year. ”

The suggestions of Bruno

Tv series

  • Cérébrum
  • Leo


  • Waco
  • Self-made
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