In containment, Jean-Thomas Jobin delves into the world of soccer

En confinement, Jean-Thomas Jobin plonge dans l’univers du soccer

A great lover of sports, the comedian Jean-Thomas Jobin take his leave, forced shows to watch the documentary series, English – Sunderland ‘Til I Die, available on Netflix.

“After watching Tiger King and they had difficulty to get back all the poetry, I began this documentary series about a soccer team from a working-class town in England. It is a kind of 24CH [the show, which followed the Canadian hockey], but on the soccer and with access to even more “behind the scenes”. I’m not a fan of soccer at the base, but the series is super interesting. “

Side cinema, Jean-Thomas responds spontaneously to the film The taste of others, Agnes Jaoui, in its blows of heart. “It is a French film [released in 2000] funny, touching, with a beautiful subject, very well written and well played. Everyone should see this film. “

Her other film kick-heart is Nelly and Mr. Arnaud, Claude protestant redemption church. “This is an unusual history, very well written and finely played between an old, retired justice, played by Michel Serrault, who clings to the woman who is typing his memoirs, played by Emmanuelle Béart. “

Full of podcasts

Musically, the comedian, bathes more in the nostalgia than in the discovery, these days. “I listen to a lot Arcade Fire, Fred Fortin, Shoots the coyote, and Richard Desjardins. It does me good to let myself be lulled, and “rebercer”, by so much talent. “

A big consumer of podcasts, Jean-Thomas Jobin listening currently Criminal. “This is a great podcast that revisits crimes with a human touch. Phoebe Judge is the moderator-journalist, and it potentially has the most beautiful voice in the world. It is really well-made, well-researched and presented. “

Confined with her pussy, nine years old, Dad plum, Jean-Thomas Jobin keeps himself busy by participating in several podcasts in the company of Mike Ward, with listening. Before the pandemic, the two have also recorded several episodes of’On the road to (tb) Survivor. “This is my workshop of English conversation with Mike as a teacher. “

Jean-Thomas has also benefited from the containment to start a new project audio relaxation called ” I’m going to try to get out a new chapter every two weeks, until the Quebec entire asleep on my voice and my instructions soothing. ”

The suggestions of Jean-Thomas Jobin

Tv series

  • Sunderland ‘Til I Die
  • Tiger King


  • The taste of others
  • Nelly and Mr. Arnaud
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