In containment: Korine Côté has become a real MasterChef

En confinement: Korine Côté est devenue une véritable MasterChef

Confined with her boyfriend Simon and their little boy, Henri, who has a little more than a year, the comedian Korine Côté has seen his personal projects fall to the water with the pandemic. But she quickly tried to remedy the situation.

“I took eight days off at the beginning because I had to go on vacation,” she said. Finally, we had the swimsuit in the living room and we pretended ! “

Since the tour of his show Big plan is on hiatus for an indefinite period, Korine took the opportunity to watch different tv series. In recent days, she has been a catching-up of the eleventh season of MasterChef Australia, as it looks on the chain CASA.

“It is a cooking show dubbed in Quebec that I am particularly fond of. ”

The comedian loves to cook and she is even made of the leaven during the confinement.

“It is ready to be baptized, she said. I hesitate between Syl-Leaven Cossette or Leaven Morisod and Sweet People. “

In parallel to MasterChef, she looks as Parks and Recreation, with Amy Poehler and Aziz Ansari.

“It is really funny ! It’s good to laugh and see the parks open [laughs]. “

Life of mom

When asked what were his recent films coups de coeur”, the comedian admits that he does not have recently watched.

“But I love Wes Anderson and he released a new film this year, the French District, and I’m really anxious to see it. Otherwise, if I have to recommend a movie that everyone should see, this would be life is beautiful. “

Lover of podcasts, Korine Côté has enjoyed a lot of the worst moments in history, with Charles Beauchesne (” a pure pleasure to listen to “), as well as The Story does not stop there, of André Martineau.

“It’s ultra interesting to dig deeper into moments in history that we didn’t know sometimes totally, like that time gold in the uk has been brought in by boat and hidden in a vault under a building in the city centre. “

The young mom goes, of course, a lot of time playing with his little Henri.

“I watch it evolve and to empty the cabinet to Tupperware at an impressive speed. We take a walk by day, time with family, or sometimes just with my boy for leaving a little time alone with my boyfriend. Or vice-versa ! [laughs] “


Despite this leave, forced to the scene, Korine Side is trying to move forward some projects.

“But the world is in slow motion and I also,” she remarks. We are three at home 100 % of the time. It is certainly more difficult to spend hours in front of the computer. We took the opportunity to play and paste. I think he does not want to go down the cadence during this time of pandemic. The speed of life has changed, but not for all the time. “

Suggestions for Korine Côté

Tv series

  • Parks and Recreation
  • MasterChef Australia


  • The worst moments in history
  • The Story does not stop there
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