In containment: Paul Daraîche tries to “keep the fire lit”

En confinement: Paul Daraîche essaie de «garder le feu allumé»

Paul Daraîche-pass of the containment in family, in Terrebonne with his wife and two children. “You start to find it heavy a bit but it will still be well,” said the singer, who will be 73 years old in June. One is four, we play games. I know that there are in the world only one who finds it less funny. “

Since the beginning of the crisis, the country musician has consumed a lot of tv series. “We looked at District 31 religiously every day,” he said. It was a series that we wrap a lot. It is hoped that they will be able to present new episodes in the fall to finish the season. “

In the last days, he also started the seasons of the two series of the Spanish, The telephone operators and The house of paper. ” These are the series that we had started watching last year. “

Musical projects

Of course, the music takes a lot of time in the days of Paul Daraîche. In his recent beatings of the heart, he named the albums of Cain and Cindy Bédard.

“Cain has released a double album quite extraordinary,” he said. There are ten new tunes, in addition to the great success sung by friends. I have been a part of this project-there singing Speak to me of thee.

“Cindy Bédard, it was my first party throughout the year. His album is beautiful. I also wrote a song for her. It was went to the launch just before the containment. “

With the pandemic, Paul Daraîche has seen all his shows for the next month to be postponed or cancelled. “Not having a show this summer, it’s still pretty scary. In addition, it is confident that it is we [the musicians] which will return the last. The crowds, it’s part of our job. “

In spite of this unexpected pause, Paul Daraîche continues to keep busy in the house, who owns a small studio in his basement. “In the coming weeks, I’m going to start doing live performances on Facebook,” he said. I’ll try to do that on a fairly regular basis, to keep the fire lit ! “

The musician was also asked to write a song about the coronavirus for a collective of a dozen country artists. The piece entitled we need should be out soon.

Having had heart problems in the fall of 2018, Paul Daraîche assures not to be afraid of the COVID-19, even if ” I’ll be destitute if I catch “. He remains hopeful that the coming months will be more joyful. “It is necessary that the fun comes back, it doesn’t make sense ! “

The suggestions of Paul Daraîche

Music Albums

  • I just here to Kaïn
  • After the storm by Cindy Bédard

Tv series

  • District 31
  • The house of paper
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