In containment: the return of Patrick Groulx singer

En confinement: le retour de Patrick Groulx le chanteur

Thirsting for freedom, Patrick Groulx has heard a strong appeal of music in march. A call to which he responded, in full confinement, with “Little song of the containment”, success on Facebook has garnered some one million views.

Without having ever put a stroke on his singing career, the artist had not proposed new hardware for more than 10 years in the company of the White Stockings.

“My job is stand-up comedian and host took a lot of place and it had been years that I had not done music, that I had not written to “tune”, he acknowledges. With containment, I wanted to enjoy it sit for a bit, ask me and think about it, that I never have the time to do…”

A lot of positive

In addition to its new composition-sensitive, available on different platforms, Patrick Groulx has already composed four songs.

“It speaks a lot of freedom, details of-t-he. It is confined for the past two months, we “get stuck”; it is this freedom that I lack. When I wrote the song [of déconfinement], which we would like both to come out soon, I thought I’d go out of the house, run like Forrest Gump and never stop. This is the image that I had.”

The musical creation is going well. During this time, Patrick Groulx learn a lot about the world of music and “filler box”. However, it is not yet known what form will this new impetus and above all, he sees nothing. “I’m going to a “tune” at the time […] I put zero pressure on me.”

Greatly inspired

The trigger of this return is occurring to fill a void. “A beautiful morning, I felt useless. I thought everyone close to the disease – the nurses, the elderly, and a friend truck driver who takes risks – and I wanted to write a song for them. I took out my guitar, that I had no output for a long time, a pencil and paper.”

Later, to record professionally “Little song of the containment”, it is surrounded by Jeff Smallwood and White Stockings Grégoire Painchaud and Sébastien Daigle.

“I set up a mini studio in my living room, I took out 3-4 guitars, plugged in my amplifier with my electric guitar, pulled out my keyboard, my sound card, my headphones. I installed and I started to think of this song.”

The humor will be waiting

The music is currently replacing the humour in Patrick Groulx because the shows web, dating, Zoom, and virtual classrooms, very little to him.

“For an old-timer like me, who started doing shows in front of public there is soon to be 26 years of age, who is accustomed to the laughter, the warmth of the public and meet him, it is as if this was no longer the same job. […] This is not mine, this is not what I want to do.”

Even if he lives in the present moment, it provides to think about the future. “It’s starting to worry me. Quietly not quickly, I begin to wonder what I’m going to do as much of the world, in fact. This is not because it is the artists that it is easier or more difficult than others.”

Fortunately, he still has ideas. “I dig the meninges, I try to create the job. I’m working on concepts for tv, I try to see how we may be able to do television differently.”

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