In containment with infant

En confinement avec poupon

The confinement period has been special for many celebrities from quebec. Some of them became parents a few weeks before the COVID-19 moved into the province, or when the pandemic already was in full swing.

Frédérique Dufort and Jérôme Couture

Officially together since 2018, Frédérique Dufort and Jérôme Couture were not slow before starting a family. In addition to combining their efforts to give body to the music video “say say”, the actress and the singer have given a new dimension to their love in giving life to their first child, a boy named Mathéo, in February. “Once there was… We arrived in two and went away at three,” wrote the proud mother to accompany the first picture of the baby.

Sally Folk

After having had to mourn the loss of a child when she was six months pregnant, Sally Folk has brought forward her second daughter, Iris, born at the end of the month of January. The singer and her fiance, Marc-André Littée were able to give a little sister in Geneva, a young girl who will soon be 4 years. It has, however, had to wait for more than two months before you see the pretty smile of the infant, the couple preferring to be discreet and live the first weeks with baby away from the spotlight.

Klo Pelgag

The singer-songwriter Klo Pelgag has waited a long time before revealing to be pregnant. His announcement occurred just two months before the birth of her daughter, whose father is Karl Gagnon (known under the artist name Violett Pi). For the first time, we could see her with a big tummy, wearing his yellow hair, a bag of chips at his feet. Last January, she has shared the first official photo of its “Captain”, a little girl that she and her lover have chosen to name Venus.

Stéphanie Lapointe

Now the author of the books, the singer Stéphanie Lapointe has tasted the joys of motherhood for a second time at the beginning of the month of may, thanks to the arrival of his second daughter, Sam. Before giving birth to the sister Marguerite, born in 2013, the artist took the time to complete the writing of the fourth volume of his series “Fanny Cloutier”. Less than three weeks after the happy event, Stéphanie Lapointe appeared, radiant, to the tv to sing a lullaby to her baby the time of the show “En direct de l’univers”.

Claudine Prévost and Nicolas Titley

At the end of the month of April, it was the turn of the facilitators Claudine Prévost and Nicolas Titley to expand their family, whose love story began in 2013. After welcoming their first child in may of 2017 – a boy named Milo, the couple has given life to his little brother: the toddler Jules. A nice birthday gift for the mom on the eve of celebrating its 43 years. “Two new little feet on the planet!”, she rejoiced on the web.

Charles Hamelin and Geneviève Tardif

Of course, he and his sweetheart were already in full confinement for weeks, but Charles Hamelin was entitled to a gift, April 23. The small hours of the morning – at 5: 55 to be precise – was born Violet, the first child of the couple formed by the five-times olympic medallist and the host Geneviève Tardif. Internet users were quick to make the acquaintance of the toddler, the former speed skater posting a photo where we can see the new-born baby in its bed of glass at the hospital.

Jérémy Demay

At the end of the month of February, the comedian became a father of small Loa so that he and his wife, Mary Beauchemin, were confined to the house as millions of Quebec. Even if it may lack a little sleep, the new dad Jérémy Demay continues his observations funny, as evidenced by the snapshot of his little girl, arms outstretched, wearing a pajamas of a prisoner, the black and white stripes, exactly like the glaze on which she had been asked. “My daughter is in quarantine…”, is it fun on Instagram.

Jean-Luc Brassard

Life off the track of the gold medalist of the olympic Games in Lillehammer, Jean-Luc Brassard should be a little more hectic since the birth of her daughter, in march. For the old pro of the bumps, it was obviously a defining moment and he didn’t hesitate to share it to the internet, posting on Instagram, a photo where you can see the new-born, old for a few moments, in the arms of her mommy, Shana Troy, at the LaSalle hospital. The athlete and his wife also have a son named Grey Ernest.


The most recent Valentine’s day has been anything but ordinary for the singer Jonah and his fiancée, Carmen. On the eve of the feast of love, the rocker and his flame have been able to lay eyes on Lennon Alexander, their little gaŗçon. For both of them, it was a first experience as a parent. Comfortable with their body, mom and dad have not hesitated to take the poses are simple, the first being found shirtless with son on him, while the second had appeared naked on Instagram, while pregnant of 17 weeks.

Chloe G. and Olivier

Over the eight seasons, the reality television agricultural “love is in the meadow” was a real factory of babies. There are more couples who have founded a family after their appearance on the show. The most recent in the running? The angle of Chloe G. and Olivier. The lovers of the fifth version have welcomed their first child, a boy, march 18. To celebrate the happy event, a photo of the newborn sleeping in a toy, a truck designed to work in the fields, has been published on Instagram.

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