In déconfinement: Pierre Brassard, host of “safely”

En déconfinement: Pierre Brassard anime «en toute sécurité»

Despite the confinement of the last few weeks, Pierre Brassard has been able to continue to animate his two radio shows, Can you repeat the question ? and the Parasol and cupholders, on the airwaves of Radio-Canada First.

“I had the chance to animate any security to Radio-Canada, mentioned Stone Cuff. People write to us to tell us that they are happy that it is in waves. It feels good to be accompanied. “

Confined with his girlfriend of the past 14 years, Isha, and their dog, a labernois of five years, Kyara (” queen of the house ! “), the facilitator took advantage of the containment to continue to create. “I’ve shot a lot of small videos that I shared on my social networks. I also like to draw, sometimes without purpose, just to free my mind or pass the stress. “

With his partner, Pierre Brassard indicates you have a book project. “It is still too early to talk about it. She writes, I illustrate. “The couple has also spent time to give a little love to the deck. “It may be useful in the next few weeks… “, he remarked.

Family to the street

When asked, its blows of heart tv, the facilitator responds spontaneously , It is like that that I love you. “I was hooked, I devoured, I loved every minute of it,” he says.

Also, thanks to a suggestion from Laurent Paquin, he started to watch the series canadian Schitt”s Creek. “The proposal is very funny. It is a rich family which is found in the street and their only option is to live in a motel. There are six seasons, so I have a lot of it in front of me to look at. “

Pierre Brassard said he was also intrigued by the new documentary series of Rose-Aimée Fall T. Morin, How to become a perfect person, on

On the platform Pierre Brassard has seen Sorry you have missed (Sorry We Missed You), the British director, Ken Loach. “It is a film that went to Cannes in 2019. It is a bit depressing, but, as usual, very realistic. It is to see a day when the moral is good ! I love love love this moment have access to the latest movies through online platforms. “

In a surge of nostalgia, it is also back in the comedy classic the French that he had seen more young. “I looked at The Goat, with Gérard Depardieu and Pierre Richard. It was not so fast paced, that in my remembrance, but to see these two monsters sacred, it is worth it. ”

Pierre Brassard has celebrated its 54 years on the 24th of April last, ” in containment and via Zoom (laughs) ! “. As a gift to his girlfriend, he has received some vinyl from the store For 33 laps, including that of Billie Eilish, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?.

Suggestions for Pierre Brassard

Series tv

  • It is like that that I love you
  • Schitt”s Creek


  • The Goat
  • Sorry you have missed
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