In Egypt banned diving

В Египте запретили дайвинг

The government of South Sinai has signed a decree on the protection of coral reefs and in connection with this resolution, from November 1, 2019, the diving is absolutely prohibited on all boats and ships.

The Egyptian authorities, it was decided, in order to prohibit divers without certificate dive absolutno all types of Maritime transport. This prohibition extends to the Sinai Peninsula from RAS-Mohamed to Taba. If available language, immersion to produce yachts have the right only to certified divers.
Divers-fans too, of course, you can make the dive, but only from the shore.

Now all boat trips will pass without the organization of diving excursions will only be snorkeling (snorkeling). For one train, will be best three stops.

Everyone tourists who really want to be like diving courses, will undergo a special program from certified companies, which are organized by tour operators along with their partners. Tourists will be located on the shores of the beaches that belong to hotels. But what are hotels – not yet known, but soon this information will become available.

Thanks to this decision, Egypt will be included in the UN program “Green fins” – this program protects the coral reefs of the red sea.

Also the tourists will be forbidden to feed the fish, throw it in the sea of residues of chemicals and food, plastic products, rubbish, and break off corals. Although such manipulation before it was prohibited.

The resolution is to act on the territory of South Sinai and in particular Sharm El-Sheikh, this will be the first area where impose such rules. But by the spring of 2020, this order will be adopted in other parts of Egypt.

So that the spring you have time to carry out his long-awaited underwater diving in Egypt, except for Sharm-El-Sheikh and South Sinai.

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