In Egypt, the “black archeologists” discovered a previously unknown ancient city

В Египте «черные археологи» обнаружили ранее неизвестный древний город

The artifacts belong to the II and III centuries of our era

Employees of the Egyptian police detained in the province of Minya in southern Egypt a group of “black archeologists” who discovered, as it turned out during the investigation, buried under layers of soil, the city of the Greco-Roman period.

As reported, the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Arab Republic, law enforcement authorities arrested seven people, who had with him about five hundred bronze and copper coins and ceramic pots. The artifacts belong to the II and III centuries of our era, reports RIA Novosti.

After a brief interrogation, the suspects in illegal archaeological activities of the men showed police the place where was found the ancient values. Arrived at the scene experts of the Ministry of antiquities of the country found hidden under the layer of soil previously unknown to scientists, the city of the Greco-Roman period. In the ancient settlement before the eyes of the professionals stood the ancient Church with well-preserved cross and pillars, and rock-hewn graves.

Despite the efforts of Egyptian authorities, the number of crimes connected with illegal archaeological excavations and the trafficking of artifacts in the country is not reduced. “Black archeologists” are using the most modern equipment, camouflage places illegal excavations for residential and commercial buildings.

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