In Estonia for the first time raised the flag with the image of cannabis

В Эстонии впервые подняли флаг с изображением конопли

In one of the Estonian regions officially raised the flag with the picture of a cannabis leaf.

Estonian Kanepi region first raised their new flag with the image of hemp.

On it informs edition Postimees.

The old flag was lowered and new ones raised at the ceremony.

“The new symbols in the region have made it famous around the world. And, dare I say, made us in a good way well — known,” said a local elder Andrus Seeme. Kanepi on the decision to place the emblem image of cannabis written by leading global publications, including Reuters and The Washington Post.

It is known that the coat of arms with the image of cannabis has received the majority of votes in the parish organized the contest, then was sent for consideration to the Department of heraldry of the Chancellery and was approved on may 15 at a meeting of the local fees.

It should be noted that the name of the region in the South-East of Estonia comes from the word “kanep”, which stands for marijuana and hemp. More than 150 years ago in this region were growing hemp, from which fabric is made, oil and rope.

The need for a new flag appeared after a few different local government areas merged into larger — Kanepi.

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