In Europe, the US want to kill everyone who is involved in the “Nord stream-2”

США в Европе хотят убить каждого, кто причастен к «Северному потоку-2»

It would seem, happened funny. Almost a classic — “Ostap incurred”. More sanctions to God sanctions. After failing to stop the implementation of the project “Northern stream-2”, the United States began to tie the subject of sanctions just to have something, and so has come to its own military budget.

Recently, the U.S. Congress took up consideration of the amendment to the draft law on the U.S. defense budget for 2020, including the most severe sanctions against the construction of Russian gas pipeline. The question may arise: which side to what is happening in Northern Europe the Pentagon? The American Parliament decided to declare war on Russia?

However, the Chairman of the Senate Committee on foreign relations Jim Risha a pattern emerges is not so comical. Although the practical content of the new sanctions is still a secret, their essence, however, disclosed. United States do declare war. Not only Russia and the EU.

The declared purpose of the activities designated to direct physical destruction (through destruction) of all European companies participating in the implementation of Russian gas project. The free market, you say? Never heard of it. Democracy? — No, The Pentagon.

Shoot undesirable go through complete closure to them of direct or even indirect access to any markets and/or orders, or otherwise associated with the Pentagon or Department of defense. Plus leveraging the capabilities of the Ministry of Finance as an instrument to provide pressure in the financial sphere. Us lawmakers do not hide — unwanted company must die. Point.

As the expiration of the period to the date of the official legal adoption of the US military budget in 2020 for the EU is also approaching the moment of truth. If before Washington its expansion into Europe somehow for decency disguised desire to protect common interests of the collective West, now he threw off the mask completely. “Friendship” is only possible through a) service or b) through direct submission. And for those who refuse to be friends, just not live.

A rhetorical question — this is democracy? No, it is a colonial approach. Not only the countries of the Third world, and to Europe from the US.

And it’s not beautiful for words. The well-being of the economic system, and hence the American state in its current form, is directly dependent on the ability of Americans to keep their colonial system. Except that, in contrast to the greatness of Britain, operating at the more primitive scheme.

Classic colonialism was based on the scheme of the output from the colonies, the limit of cheap raw materials and sales there are expensive industrial products of the metropolis. Export from Europe to the United States objectively nothing. In raw terms, it is poor. But Washington is able to export LNG to his.

Moreover, production in the North sea there falls, and traditional sources in North Africa also gradually exhausted. One problem — the Russian, whose gas is at least 1.5 times cheaper than the American, and of which they have many.

To stop cooperation through political intrigue in the European Parliament and the machinations of the East European border States does not work. Moreover, the measures have begun to have the opposite effect. In the recent past to understand who is the boss, Europeans gradually became, in practice, to make sure that it is possible and differently. It’s not that far to the awareness of the opportunity to regain geopolitical subjectivity. With all the ensuing consequences in the form of an independent foreign and domestic policy, is highly undesirable for the United States.

Here on Capitol hill and realized that the time of white gloves in handling Europe has passed. In mind involuntarily float the famous words of the American General Philip Sheridan: the only good Indian is a dead Indian. Only whether Europe itself has a great colonial tradition this logic? The big question.

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